Thursday, January 23, 2014

Assignment I Am Most Proud Of

      This is the photo I am most proud of. This photo was taken in the "Portraits" assignment. My favorite pictures to take are pictures of people, portraits. When I say this little boy I instantly fell in love with his beautiful curly orange hair. I thought the way the sun was hitting his head was perfect lighting and a total camera moment. Immediately after I took this picture it was my favorite.
      Although when we printed contact sheets and Mrs. Noack told us we had to mark out best picture that fell into certain categories, I did not pick this one for any of them. I felt that people might think it weird that I took a picture of a random boy. When I got my contact sheet back however, Mrs. Noack had marked this photo for me and wrote that It was by best. This whole moment helped me learn to take pride in the photos I thought were the best, not what I thought everyone else was going to think was the best. Over all though this taught me to have more confidence in my work.

Memorable Expriences

     There are many things that are memorable to me from this semester, it is hard to pick just one! I loved one of the first assignment I did: compositional strategies. It was the first time in any class, let alone an art class, that I was able to be really creative and go off on my own. I learned a lot about trial and error and what made a good picture. It really set the tone for the rest of the semester.
     Another great experience this year was, again, another assignment we did at the beginning of the year. It was the '"signs of fall" assignment. I enjoyed getting away from the school and going out into the world and taking photos (even though it was just the elementary school!) This assignment helped me learn because I wasn't confined to a classroom. I was able to go out and experience something new and I think it was informative.
     The last experience I had in photo class that I felt was memorable was the "famous photographers" assignment. I had a lot of fun learning about a real successful photographer. It gave me a sense of "wow I could really do this with my life someday!" I did not only learn about a cool photographer, but I learned that someday I might want to pursue photography as a career. Over all I've had loads of full with photo one and will definitely take both photo 2 and 3!

Monday, January 13, 2014

Who Am I

     I am interested in many things. For example, I row crew. I started my freshman year and quickly became pretty good at it. It is probably the thing I am the most passionate about. I also play the guitar. I’ve been playing ever since I was nine years old. I took lessons for about a year, but very fast became bored with the lessons, so I taught myself how to play instead. It was always very important for me to play and instrument. Since my sister played the piano and my brother played the drums I wanted to be different and play something else. I soon fell in love with the instrument and have been playing it ever since.
      I would want people to know that I am an athlete. My favorite sport is crew. I quit all my other sports to do crew all year. I started my Freshman year and have now rowed two seasons about to go on my third. I am also a boxer. I started boxing in the summer of last year at the Portland Boxing Club.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Pollution in China

      The photos the journalist took of pollution in China really captures the pollution and the amount of damage the pollution is doing. These pictures are very moving and portray the journalists point immensely. I think the photographs are very moving, they really tell a story and match his writing perfectly. The photos don’t only portray the physical look of the pollution, (e.g. the trash in the water or smoke coming out of a factory) but the emotional aspect as well (e.g. the picture of the man with his hand over his mouth.)

Monday, January 6, 2014

Culture Clash

There were many successes and challenges in this project. One success to this project was PhotoShop was fairly easy and straightforward to use. I think taking multiple background photos and meshing them into one background that looked believable was successful. I felt like there were not many challenges to this project. Although, one big difficulty was getting ten pictures together to create a believable scene. It was hard to get all the lighting in the photos to work well with each other. It was a lot of changing light, saturation and highlights.